"Gotta Get This Sh!T Back On Set, Now!"

(Recovery Program)

Repair & Recover your damaged and broken Grip Gear.
Zero Downtime.

1. Bring your damaged gear into one of our Swap Sites.

2. We swap your damaged gear and give you brand new Norms Gear.

3. Your work stays on track with Zero Downtime.

4. We'll repair your gear and swap again. 

Continue your work, without the hassle of gear failure. 

Why LMC?

Founded out of necessity, the LMC's "Gotta Get This Sh!T Back On Set, Now!" program was created for people who can't afford to lose time due to gear failure.

Ginn Nao has worked nearly 10 years with Norms Studio, Inc. within its manufacturing, sales, and marketing departments to realize a serious issue faced by the grips on a daily bases. 


Young entrepreneur Ginn Nao noticed that there were many customers that had to make spontaneous, large purchases on brand new equipment that would be used for a few days because they couldn’t afford to wait for the recovers. Now that's a thing of the past!

 Have Your Grip Sh!t Serviced Through Us and Get the Support You Deserve!


-Grip Stands-
-Light Modifiers-
-Dolly | Slider | Tracks-


  We handle the Servicing of Your Sh!t! You Can Count On Us!


-Rags | Sandbags-
-Maintenance | Upkeep-
-Replacing Parts-


 Multiple Authorized Drop-Off Locations for Service:


-NORMS Studio, INC. Sun Valley, CA-
-FilmTools Burbank, CA-
-Cinemills Burbank, CA-


 Top Notch Online Support and Programs for Members


-Go Paperless! | Amazing Affiliate Program-
-Free RSVP to LMC Events-
-Entered in Bi-Yearly Raffle for Prizes up to $500-

Juan Perez

"Since I started this program, I haven’t needed to buy new equipment unless I was ready to expand my inventory. It’s good to know that as long as you own that piece of gear, you will basically always have it ready to shoot or rent."

Jimbo Rex

"I never realize the usefulness of having my gear serviced."

Never Get Caught With Your Pants At Your Ankle Again…. Unless You’re Into That...

'Gotta Get This Sh!T Back On Set, Now!' So That You Can Save Money From Having to Buy New Gear All the Time.

0% Financing Upon Membership Approval. Buy Gear the Same Day Without Spending a Single Penny till Next Month.

Simply Click the link below

Become an LMC Member by Signing Up. Act Now and Get 0% Financing for 6 Months on Your Next Purchase.

-We Will Even Throw in Some Merch-