How to Submit Service Form

All the Forms you need to need to fill out are available for download and print. Whether it's email, faxing or Dm-ing. We make things easy for you to get your service request over to our system to prepare your Loaner Gear.


Step 1: How to get Started

  1. Sign up and buy Annual Membership.
  2. Download and print forms.
  3. Fill out the Form.
    - Name
    - Adress
    - Contacts (Phone and/or Email)
    - Location ( You plan on bringing your stuff too)
    - Gear and Equipment
    - Aditional notes
  4. Send over Form via Email, E-file, fax, or social media DM.
  5. We will call you to set up an Appointment and quote you for the at your preferred location to make the exchange.

Step 2: Dropping off and Picking up

  1. Drop off your Grip Gear at the Authorized Location you booked at once you have already completed Step 1
  2. A deposit equal to the price of the gear being loaned will be authorized to your credit card. (Deposit will be returned once you return the gear you're borrowing)
  3. Receive the Loaners
  4. Walk around inspection will be done to verify condition of the gear.
  5. Once all that is done you, sign off on the gear and boom, you're done!!!
  6. Please allow up to between 2 to 4 weeks to get your gear properly serviced by the industry's very best, Norms Studio.

Step 3: Picking up

  1. We will contact you to set up Pick up Appointment and location
  2. Just bring in the Grip Gear you borrowed to the booked location
  3. Our representative will do an inspection of everything brought back
    a. If returned item(s) are damaged but repairable
         - 50% of the List Price will be charged from the deposit
    b. If returned item(s) are damaged beyond repair
         - 100% of the List Price will be charged from the deposit
    c. If returned item(s) are in the original shape when loaned
         - The Authorized amount will be closed out.
  4. You will receive your Grip Gear
  5. Pay off the balance & Sign off