Service and Prices

If you’re near Los Angeles and it’s time for routine maintenance or you're sitting on some busted up grip gear, then its time you take it to Norms-Certified technicians at one of LMC's Authorized locations. From lube services and loctiting set screws to riser replacement and Scrim recover, no matter what the issue, our Service Department is ready to help. For your convenience, you can make appointments with our service department or Authorized retailers and order genuine Norms Studio parts on our website.

Grip Stand Maintenance and Upkeep services

Multi-point inspection

Your Stands last longer if they are well maintained. All Grip Stands will go through and multi point inspection to ensure that that all your equipment are up to working standard. Our inspection process includes:

  • if the handles are lubricated properly
  • if the set screws have been re secured with loctite
  • if the rises are lifting properly
  • if the legs open properly


Ever have your stand come a part randomly onset while you're setting up your light or flag? Well that happens due to the vibrations produced by the car or trucks used to transport the stands. Over time things will come loose.

Not to worry LMC has will re-up on the loctite for your when you bring in your stand for the upkeep servicing.

Lube up handles

Nothing is worse than having tight handles on set. Having to over torque your stands just to get them up, can be exhausting.

Now you won't have to worry about that if you're getting those handles lubbed up real good.


No one wants to see rusty stands on set. It just makes your high budget project look cheap. Besides odds are your stand is Chrome!!! Who wants to see dull ass chrome?

You will get FREE polishing for all the stands your send in!! (Note: if you bring in something rust to shit, like get real... we are techs Not alchemists.